Case study: Foreign Body Gastrotomy

What happened?

Inca was brought into the surgery by her owners as she had been vomiting on and off, for a few days, mainly grass. Inca’s owners noticed that she was panting a lot, and with her it was usually a sign that she was going to be sick. In the practice she was bright, alert and responsive, with pink gums and a normal temperature. Importantly she was not dehydrated from vomiting. Read more

Are worms really a risk in pets?

There are lots of different worms that our pets can pick up. Infection is common and many pets do not show signs. Furthermore some worms can cause harm to people.

In this blog we will look at the types of worms that affect our pets, how they get them, and how they pose a threat to our pets and us. Read more

They’re not ‘just receptionists’

How often do you visit us to see one of our vets? You may notice a warm, friendly smiling face greeting you and your furry best friend behind the counter – our Reception team are there every day to welcome you to our practice, but what else do they do? Read more

The Aftermath of the After-Eight Mints

“You just don’t know when they will get up to something…” that’s what one of our clients told us recently, after an unfortunate incident involving her three Cavalier King Charles’ spaniels and a box of After-Eight Mints. Read more

Alabama Rot – a threat even here in Cornwall?

We’ve just had another suspected case down here in Cornwall, the first since early 2015 (which was down near Penzance). As a result, we really want to raise awareness among our clients about this dangerous, but still very rare, disease. Read more

What does a vet nurse actually DO?

This is a question we KEEP getting asked! But veterinary nurses are professionals in their own right, and are just as essential to the practice operating smoothly as any of the vets. For starters, let’s look at what they’re NOT… Read more

cardew photo

Building better care for our patients!

You may have heard some rumblings… well, it’s official! Our main Redruth surgery is going to be moving… But fortunately, not very far! We’re taking over the old Cardrew Health Centre on the Cardrew estate, and will be transforming it into a new, state-of-the-art health centre for animals. Read more

Due to expanding our services we are looking for a Registered Veterinary Nurse

We are looking for a Registered Veterinary Nurse to join our amazing team of 5 RVN’s to cover maternity leave.

The position:

  • is full time (around 36hrs/week) with no OOH and Saturday mornings on a 1 in 3 rota basis. A part time position maybe considered for the right candidate.
  • involves normal nursing duties along with undertaking nurse clinics and puppy parties. Also possibly helping completing insurance forms
  • has a CPD allowance and RCVS fees are paid

Our practice’s values are;

•treating pets as if they are our own

•supporting clients in every way we can

•being supportive and understanding to our colleagues.

•being a valued member of a team.

We are passionate about providing outstanding patient and client care and are looking for a like minded individual who can help us maintain our values.

We offer with this position an annual leave entitlement of 4 weeks plus bank holidays pro rata.

If you find the possibility of being part of our amazing team appealing please email your CV with a covering letter telling us all about yourself to or if you would like to discuss the position further please telephone Sarah or Elaine 01209 214737

We look forward to hearing from you!

RVN required

Vaccination Amnesty during March

Protect your pet: why routine vaccinations are important

We all want our pets to live happy and healthy lives – but without preventative healthcare they’re susceptible to a variety of illnesses, some of which can prove fatal.

That’s why you need to ensure you stay on top of routine vaccinations, which give your pet some much-needed extra protection.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the essential vaccinations your pet needs to combat common diseases.


Parks, kennels, training classes, doggy daycare centres – public places where other dogs are present increase your dog’s risk of picking up an infectious disease.

The most common of these which we can vaccinate against are Distemper, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Viral Hepatitis and Kennel Cough. Leptospirosis is a particularly nasty disease that your pet could potentially pass on to you, causing serious health difficulties for both of you.

Whether you’re adopting an older dog or taking home a young puppy, you don’t want to watch them suffer unnecessarily from one of these preventable infections.

We give puppies their first vaccinations at 8 weeks, with their second injection two weeks later and the third two weeks after the second. As an extra precaution, we also advise all owners to keep unvaccinated puppies away from public areas.

Once they’ve received their initial protection, annual booster injections are required to ensure life-long immunity.


Cats love to roam and explore, but that means they’ve got a much greater chance of coming into contact with infectious illnesses that’ll quickly bring their adventures to a stop.

With regular vaccination, you can protect them from Feline Influenza (cat flu), Infectious Enteritis and the Feline Leukaemia Virus.

As soon as your kitten reaches nine weeks, they should be brought into the practice to receive their first set of vaccines. We’ll give them a second injection 3-4 weeks afterwards.

But that’s not enough to sustain your cat’s health and happiness. Again, booster vaccines will be needed throughout their life to maintain protection.


It’s crucial that your rabbit is vaccinated as they’re very susceptible to two highly contagious infections – Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) and Myxomatosis.

Both diseases will leave your rabbit suffering and will most likely prove fatal, so don’t leave your pet unprotected.

To give them their best chance at fighting off such infections, they should be given their first set of vaccines at around six weeks old. Thereafter, yearly boosters will keep their resistance levels high.

Any cat or dog who had a vaccination more than 15 months ago will need to start their primary vaccinations again. During March we are offering the primary vaccination course for the same price as a booster. This means for you are saving £17 for a dog restarting their primary vaccinations and £19 for cats. During the vaccination appointment with one of  our veterinary surgeons your pet will be given a nose to tail examination, which helps to keep them in tip top condition.

We want every dog, cat and rabbit that visits us to enjoy long lives free of health struggles, so pop in to make an appointment or contact us at our Redruth surgery on 01209 214737 or our Camborne surgery on 01209 718281 to make sure they receive these vital vaccines.Vaccination amnesty


We are looking for an experienced Veterinary Surgeon

We have unfortunately been let down by the veterinary surgeon who was due to start with us at the end of March.  This however means that we now have an exciting opportunity for an experienced small animal veterinary surgeon who would like to join our amazing team and be part of an exciting adventure (we have have lots planned but can’t say much at the moment!!).

Everyone in our practice believes that we should:

  • treat every pet as if they are our own
  • support clients in every way we can
  • be supportive and understanding to our colleagues.

Our veterinary surgeon position allows for a good work/life balance which we feel is essential to allow time to enjoy the best things about living in Cornwall. We work 4 days a week with the same day off each week and a Saturday morning on a rota basis. We have all the usual toys to play with, offer 4 or 5 weeks holiday (we can discuss which you would prefer), a CPD budget is available (certificate funding is possible) and salary is commensurate with experience.

As an independent practice we can offer you clinical freedom and as much support as you require.

If you would like a more detailed job description please email our practice manager Elaine at

If you find the possibility of being part of our amazing team appealing please email your CV with a covering letter telling us all about yourself to or if you would like to discuss the position further please telephone 01209 214737

We look forward to hearing from you!

Zoe and Ben

P.s Here is a photo of our gorgeous cat Albie…just because we like the photo!!

Experienced Veterinary Surgeon required