Experienced Veterinary Surgeon position available

Are you an experienced veterinary surgeon that..

  • Would enjoy being part of a fantastic team;
  • Is passionate about providing outstanding patient and client care;
  • Would like to work in an independent practice which allows you clinical freedom and as much support as you require;
  • Feel any ideas you have for the practice are valued;
  • Would like a 4 day week with a Saturday morning rota and no OOH;
  • Wishes to live in idyllic Cornwall?

Hopefully looking through out website and Facebook pages you get an idea about our practice and our values;

  • treating pets as if they are our own
  • supporting clients in every way we can
  • being supportive and understanding to our colleagues.
  • being a valued member of a team.

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. History is very important to us, but so is the future and we are looking to continue on our exciting adventure improving and being the best we can possibly be in every aspect of the veterinary practice.

Our veterinary surgeon position allows for a good work/life balance which we feel is essential to allow time to enjoy the best things about living in Cornwall. We work 4 days a week with the same day off each week and 1 in 2  Saturday mornings (an average of 42 hours a week). We have all the usual toys to play with, offer 4 or 5 weeks holiday (we can discuss which you would prefer), a CPD budget is available and salary is commensurate with experience. If you would like a more detailed job description please email our practice manager Elaine at office@monumentvets.co.uk.

If you find the possibility of being part of our amazing team appealing please email your CV with a covering letter telling us all about yourself to office@monumentvets.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Experienced Veterinary Surgeon position available


Firework Advice

Firework advice – What products are available to help…..

Lots of pets hate fireworks and may react in different ways, some hide, whimper, bark, salivate, shake or howl. There are many ways to help this stressful time for everyone.

Sound desensitisation is a great way to treat the firework fear and is best done at least 2 months before bonfire night. There are many different types of sounds that dogs are frightened of: fireworks, gunshots, helicopters etc and a good sound desensitisation will cover a variety of noises.

There are many over the counter  natural/herbal remedies available to help with your dogs anxiety.

2-4 weeks before the event:

Dorwest Herbs Skullcap and Valerian Tablets help by reducing anxiety by calming and relaxing your dog naturally with virtually no side effects. The best time to give these tablets is one month for very nervous dogs and 10 days for less affected dogs, but these tablets can be given on bonfire night at a double dose

Pet Remedy Diffuser and Spray The unique Pet Remedy blend of essential oils and extract helps calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets. It works by enhancing the production of GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), a natural chemical produced by the brain, transmitted from nerve to nerve as a calming message when the body is stressed.

Adaptil and Feliway are a synthetic copy of a natural appeasing pheromone which will help to comfort your pet  in stressful situations. Adaptil/Feliway should be used 2 weeks before bonfire night and comes in a spray form that lasts for 2 hours, a diffuser that lasts 4 weeks, and  an Adaptil collar for dogs that also lasts 4 weeks.

On the night itself:

Dorwest Herbs Organic Valerian Compound works in the same way as the skullcap and valerian tablets but this liquid works in 30mins so it’s great for a boost before the fireworks.

Calmex contains a unique blend of amino acids, Piper Methysticum and complex B-vitimans that aid relaxation in dogs experiencing anxiety or nervousness in stressful conditions. Calmex comes in capsule form for dogs and should be fed 30-60 minutes before the stressful situation starts. The capsules can be given whole or opened and sprinkled on food.

Nutracalm contains a specially formulated mix of L-Tryptophan,GABA, L-Theanine, Passiflora Incarnata, B Vitamins to naturally calm anxious pets and to help reduce unwanted or unruly behaviour. Nutracalm should be given 1-2 hours before desired effect to dogs or cats. The capsules can be given whole or opened and sprinkled on food.

There are also prescription medications available but you would have to see the veterinary surgeon first.

On the night itself…

  • Take your dog on a long walk before it gets dark – this will tire them out and hopefully settle them down for a peaceful evening.
  • Feed your dog some whole meal pasta and chicken as a meal high in carbohydrates will help to settle anxiety and calm your dog down for the evening.
  • Make a den for your dog to hide in and feel safe.
  • Shut curtains/blinds and keep windows, cat flaps and doors shut.
  • Give your pets some new toys or chews when the fireworks are going off to distract them.
  • Do not punish your pet – it will only make them more stressed.
  • Try to ignore your pet if they react to the fireworks, unless they seek reassurance.
  • If your cat hides on top of cupboards or under furniture, leave him alone and do not try to coax him out. This ‘bolthole’ is where he will feel most secure. It is important that your pet can access his favourite bolthole at all times.
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped. If he does escape, frightened and confused animals can easily get lost.
  • Bring your rabbit or guinea pig inside your home.


Monument Vets

Drump road, Redruth, TR15 1PS, 01209 214737

Trevithick Road, Camborne, TR14 8LQ, 01209 718281

10% off neuterings at our Camborne surgery during June, July & August

10% off neuterings at our Camborne surgery during June, July & August

For your increased convenience, from 20th June on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will have a vet at our Camborne surgery all day which enables us to extend our consultation hours.

What’s more neutering operations (castrates and spays) as well as some other surgeries can now be carried out at our Camborne practice, saving you the time and effort of having to take your pet across to Redruth.

During June, July and August we are offering a 10% discount off neuterings at Camborne.

If you would like to book an appointment for your pet or take advantage of this offer, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to a member of our team on 01209 718281


We are looking for an additional Veterinary Surgeon

Are you the friendly and enthusiastic vet we are looking for?

Monument Vets is a well respected, independent veterinary practice, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. We are a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals, and pride ourselves on providing a personalised and high quality services to our clients and their pets.

Due to exciting changes, development and growth, we are now looking for an additional veterinary surgeon to join our fantastic team and enjoy the adventure with us.

The right candidate will be self-sufficient and willing to get involved with the running of the practice. You will work a four day week, as well as occasional Saturday mornings which are allocated on a rotational basis. There is no OOH work involved – we believe a good work/life balance is essential to allow time to enjoy the best things about living in Cornwall!

The salary for this role will be based on your experience.

If you think you are the dedicated, motivated and caring professional that we are looking for, please send your CV and covering letter to office@monumentvets.co.uk.

Update 18/05/16 – Just to let you all know we have 2 new vets joining our team. Eleanor is starting on the 6th June and Fiona is starting the 20th July


Practice and vet nominations

Thank you to all our fantastic clients who nominated us for our first Practice of theYear award but also Zoe, Alex and Martina for their Vet of the Year nominations. The highlight of our year so far – although it appears lost on our cat Aggie!