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Building better care for our patients!

You may have heard some rumblings… well, it’s official! Our main Redruth surgery is going to be moving… But fortunately, not very far! We’re taking over the old Cardrew Health Centre on the Cardrew estate, and will be transforming it into a new, state-of-the-art health centre for animals.

Why do you have to move?

Over the last three years, we’ve gone from three vets to (shortly!) seven; at the same time, we have more nurses and more receptionists and support staff. As a result, we have twice as many people trying to work in the same space! In addition, the design of the current surgery isn’t ideal for modern veterinary care, with more patients, as well as more operations, more lab tests, and better imaging equipment available that we haven’t been able to utilise properly.

That’s why we decided we needed bigger premises, so that we could expand – after all, we have been in our current building for 25 years so the opportunity to be in a bigger place that we can design will be fantastic, for staff as well as our clients and patients.

What will the new centre let you do that you don’t already?

To be honest, it’s not so much that we can’t do things now – but being so cramped together makes it harder for us, slower for you, and means we can’t provide the gold-standard care that your pet deserves. Currently, with just the one operating theatre and adjoining prep area, we are only able to carry out one or two procedures at any one time. There’s also an issue with consulting space – we don’t have enough consult rooms, which means sometimes our patients have to wait until a room becomes free! Likewise, there are sometimes log-jams in the car park, where we’ve only currently got space for five cars.

The other thing about the current surgery is that we don’t have the space to separate cats and dogs – in the waiting room or on the ward. This isn’t helpful for either, with dogs getting over-excited, and cats getting scared. It can also be very noisy for patients who just want a bit of peace and quiet!

So what’s going to change in the new building?

Well, you’ll certainly notice the increased parking, with twenty five dedicated spaces! You’ll also see some changes in reception, which will be much bigger and more spacious, and have separate dog and cat waiting areas.

The consult rooms will be essentially similar to now, although there will be more of them, and so hopefully we’ll be able to see more patients at the same time, reducing the wait for an appointment.

There are also going to be major changes “backstage”, allowing us to treat and diagnose more animals at the same time. We will have two separate operating theatres, plus a prep room, so we can perform major surgery on two animals, and minor procedures on a third, all at the same time. There will be a separate laboratory, and an imaging suite for X-rays and ultrasound scans, allowing us to concentrate on diagnosing your pet. Finally, there will be separate dog and cat wards, avoiding all the problems from mixing species.

What’s NOT going to change is the friendly atmosphere, or the effort we put into looking after your animals – we’ll just be able to do it even better!

We are very excited to be moving – the building has sadly been empty for over a year now and it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to improve and modernise our facilities to a state of the art purpose built practice that is a milestone in the practice’s history.

If you want to know more, pop and see one of us – we’re all so excited we’ll be happy to talk about it!

Zoe and Ben Gilbert-Pocock, Directors of Monument Vets


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