How you may be reinforcing your pets fearful behaviours


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that doesn’t stop us trying - there’s a million different articles, websites, videos, guides and hacks out there that help change your dog’s (or cat’s!) behaviour. One of the most common issues owners want to address is fear. Fear is a complex thing, [...]

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Preventative Dental Care


Teeth are fascinating. They’re unlike anything else in the body, and they go through a lot every day. Without them we wouldn’t be able to eat, and our pets wouldn’t be the animals we love. What’s a dog who isn’t keen on their supper? What’s a cat who can’t catch a mouse? What’s a rabbit [...]

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Pet Insurance – What’s the difference?


We often get asked about pet insurance, and as vets we would advise that all pets are insured. Insurance allows us to undertake investigations and treatment without having to balance cost against your pet’s health and happiness. It means that we can get them the very best treatments available and do whatever is necessary to [...]

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ISFM Cat Friendly – What Does it Mean?


We are very excited to let you know that our practice has recently been awarded ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’ Silver accreditation from ‘The International Society of Feline Medicine’ (ISFM). This means that our team consider your cat’s well being and comfort during their visit as one of our main priorities and we have lots of things [...]

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Ambers Spay Day: A Case Story


Amber is a beautiful young yellow Labrador; a true family pet whose name her family were just a touch indecisive about; she spent some time as “Ginger” (the grandchildren’s favourite) and then as “Tess”. With her name now firmly secured as Amber, two of her favourite pastimes are playing with her owners’ grandchildren (probably owing [...]

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Parasite Prevention – Spring Update


Spring is here meaning longer and warm days across the UK, but especially here in Cornwall. As the flowers and wildlife are starting to emerge from their winter hiding places, unfortunately so are the parasites. In the UK, pets are particularly at risk from flea infestation and tick bites as we head into spring. The [...]

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Alabama Rot – a real risk?


The term Alabama rot has appeared a lot in the news and on social media in recent years. Given the deadly nature of the disease it has understandably scared a lot of dog owners, especially as initially UK vets had no idea what it was. Over the last few years research has provided us with [...]

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Dog survives freak accident with emergency care from Monument Vets


Our vets have seen most types of injury in their time, but Sandi’s was a first even for them. Sandi is one of our patients, she’s a 5-year-old border collie and has been part of the Monument family since she was a nine week old pup. What happened? Sandi is a tennis ball mad collie, who [...]

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