Should My Dog’s Nose Be Wet?

Anyone with a dog has no doubt received a ‘doggy kiss’ at least once from their loving pooch. Ignoring the smell, you may have noticed your dog has a wet nose. In fact, you may have noticed many dogs with wet noses. This is normal, surely? A dog with a wet nose is healthy, and a dog with a dry nose is sick? Read more

Why vet nurses are good for your pet’s teeth

The health of your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums is something to be taken seriously, no different to our own. It is no secret why dentists encourage us to visit them at least once a year and sometimes more often. It enables them to spot any issues that might be brewing early and take preventative action and give advice. The statistics relating to dental disease in cats and dogs are quite shocking – one study concluded that, of cats and dogs over the age of three years, 85% are suffering with some form of periodontal disease. Read more

Case study: Foreign Body Gastrotomy

What happened?

Inca was brought into the surgery by her owners as she had been vomiting on and off, for a few days, mainly grass. Inca’s owners noticed that she was panting a lot, and with her it was usually a sign that she was going to be sick. In the practice she was bright, alert and responsive, with pink gums and a normal temperature. Importantly she was not dehydrated from vomiting. Read more

Are worms really a risk in pets?

There are lots of different worms that our pets can pick up. Infection is common and many pets do not show signs. Furthermore some worms can cause harm to people.

In this blog we will look at the types of worms that affect our pets, how they get them, and how they pose a threat to our pets and us. Read more

They’re not ‘just receptionists’

How often do you visit us to see one of our vets? You may notice a warm, friendly smiling face greeting you and your furry best friend behind the counter – our Reception team are there every day to welcome you to our practice, but what else do they do? Read more

The Aftermath of the After-Eight Mints

“You just don’t know when they will get up to something…” that’s what one of our clients told us recently, after an unfortunate incident involving her three Cavalier King Charles’ spaniels and a box of After-Eight Mints. Read more

Alabama Rot – a threat even here in Cornwall?

We’ve just had another suspected case down here in Cornwall, the first since early 2015 (which was down near Penzance). As a result, we really want to raise awareness among our clients about this dangerous, but still very rare, disease. Read more

What does a vet nurse actually DO?

This is a question we KEEP getting asked! But veterinary nurses are professionals in their own right, and are just as essential to the practice operating smoothly as any of the vets. For starters, let’s look at what they’re NOT… Read more

cardew photo

Building better care for our patients!

You may have heard some rumblings… well, it’s official! Our main Redruth surgery is going to be moving… But fortunately, not very far! We’re taking over the old Cardrew Health Centre on the Cardrew estate, and will be transforming it into a new, state-of-the-art health centre for animals. Read more