Our vets have seen most types of injury in their time, but Sandi’s was a first even for them. Sandi is one of our patients, she’s a 5-year-old border collie and has been part of the Monument family since she was a nine week old pup. What happened? Sandi is a tennis ball mad collie, who loves playing with her ball, “She is very intelligent dog but this was not one of her better moments!” said Mrs Fee Mrs Fee had been doing some knitting before going outside “Sandi must have gone indoors, and I heard some whimpering, so went inside. She seemed to be a bit distressed, so I started to stroke her, when I felt something in her fur between her two back legs. I couldn’t comprehend what it was for a moment, but then realised she had one of my knitting needles stuck in her. She must have jumped up and landed on it. I just went cold.” What happened next? Mrs Fee called her next-door neighbour Ian and took Sandi to Monument vets. Felix the vet, examined her and within five minutes she was receiving pain relief and loving care from the practice team. Mrs Fee said “There was nothing more we could do, we went home, and I waited for a phone call. It was the worst afternoon of my life.” How bad was the injury? The digital X-ray showed the 35cm knitting needle clearly, it had entered the abdomen, bent and had penetrated the bladder and spinal area. How was Sandi operated on? Abdominal surgery was performed in the fully equipped operating theatre by the team including highly trained and skilled veterinary nurses. The needle had penetrated the spinal muscles and was only 2 cm away from major blood vessels so great care had to be taken by the surgeons, removing the needle centimetre by centimetre and finally stitching the holes that it made. What was the outcome? Sandi came through the surgery very well and Mrs Fee picked her up that same night. “Sandy is absolutely fine now, although still mad. I’m still amazed at how lucky she was. Felix, Ben and the team are absolutely amazing, they explain everything clearly and will not try to fob you off. The whole team is so friendly, they are all amazing!” If your pet has an accident, or sustained an injury, please contact us immediately.