Excellent facilities and excellent vets, makes for excellence in veterinary care.

At Monument Vets our winning combination of a seven-vet team with more than 100 years experience between them, and the exceptional facilities and equipment available to us, ensures that pets receive a gold standard of care with the best possible outcomes.

Surgical procedures 

mostly take place at our Redruth practice within one of our modern, hygienic theatres, well equipped to handle routine, non-elective and emergency surgeries.  Our Camborne practice is also well appointed to provide routine procedures such as neutering and the stitching-up of wounds.

Ultrasound technology 

is an integral part of our imaging suite and diagnostic capability, acting as a window into the health of a patient’s internal organs.  Along with the experience and interpretation skills of our vets, ultrasonography aids in the diagnosis of a plethora of conditions including; kidney disease, gastrointestinal blockages and pregnancy.

Digital X-ray 

technology allows us to obtain high-definition radiographic images of the skeletal system and other organs, fast, reducing anaesthesia time.  The ability to magnify, edit and annotate these images at the click of the mouse provides our vets with the best diagnostic picture from which a timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be formed.


 at Monument Vets is monitored by qualified and registered vet nurses only, all under the supervision of a vet.  Sophisticated patient monitoring equipment and the experience of our skilled vet nursing team helps ensure the safety of patients.

Ultrasonic dental descalers 

are far more efficient than their traditional hand-operated counterparts.  This results in a new level of dental hygiene, shortening dental procedures, which is good for both the patient and the purse..

Electrocautery equipment 

enables us to remove lumps, bumps, tumours and excess tissues easily and efficiently through freezing or burning, and without damaging surrounding tissues.

Extensive in-house laboratory facilities 

enable us to swiftly obtain many blood and urine test results, which in turn speeds up the diagnosis and treatment of a condition for the best patient outcome. 

Induction loop amplifiers

at both our Redruth and Camborne surgeries helps those with hearing aids make the most of a trip to the vets.  Improved participation in consultation discussions, general conversation and prescription ordering means a better outcome for pets too.  To make use of these, please set your hearing aid to ‘T’ or ‘MT’ mode.