Pet Insurance

Insuring your pet is a very good idea, it offers a real peace of mind!

We’re now an approved Appointed Representative for Agria, which we think offers the best pet insurance cover and the best customer service for you and your pet.

We recommend Agria’s pet insurance to all our clients to help cover unexpected vets bills.

It is necessary to understand that not all pet insurance policies are the same. Some policies limit the amount of time, money or both that you can claim for so don’t just look at price alone.

At Monument Vets we recommend Agria’s lifetime insurance products for the following reasons:

Lifetime cover for dogs, cats and rabbits

‘Pick and Mix’ choice of benefits including breeding risks cover for dogs and cats

Specialist pet insurer with 125 years’ experience

UK based call centre with excellent Customer Service

Excellent veterinary fees cover up to £12,500, renewed each year

5 Weeks Free insurance issued by us for dogs & cats under 18 months old

First 2 months at half price

Free access to their Pet Health Helpline 24/7

Free rabbit guide when taking a new policy

Why insurance is a vital part of rabbit care…

You might have simply thought of rabbits as pets but they can quickly become a much loved part of the family. Although the actual cost of buying a rabbit might be relatively low that doesn’t really reflect how valued they become by their owners. So, when your rabbit becomes ill or has an accident, you want to know that he or she is going to get the best treatment possible.

Here at Monument Vets we are committed to providing your rabbit with quality veterinary care and we recommend insurance to give you peace of mind so that the cost of treatment doesn’t have to be your biggest concern.

Rabbit care

As well as caring for your pet when things go wrong, we at Monument Vets can provide advice on keeping your rabbit healthy. Some insurance cover even encourages this by offering vouchers to spend against annual health checks and vaccinations. If you are unsure about any aspects of caring for your rabbit you can call the practice for more advice.

As a rabbit’s teeth grow constantly throughout its life it is important that they are given plenty of opportunities to chew on long fibre found in grass or hay. This ensures that the constant tooth growth is balanced by wear.

Uneven tooth growth can cause serious problems and may require surgery including an anaesthetic to correct. As the teeth continue to grow this can mean regular and repeated treatments become necessary throughout the rabbit’s life. Our veterinary surgeons and nurses are always happy to provide advice about feeding rabbits to help keep them healthy and minimise the risk of dental problems. Some insurance will cover against dental conditions as long as certain conditions are met, including an annual dental health check, so do consider this when deciding on a policy.

It is very important that a rabbit has a compatible friend of the same breed and to keep them together safely, neutering is often the best option. It’s a routine procedure at our practice and we can answer any questions you have about the surgery.

Advice about an ill rabbit

Our first thought when someone says their rabbit is ill, is that it could be very ill. By the time a rabbit shows signs an owner might recognise, the condition is often very advanced – most rabbits will hide the fact that they are suffering, this is a protective response inherited from their ancestor, the wild rabbit.

So, if you do think your rabbit is ill, let us know as soon as possible. The more ill a rabbit is, the harder it is to treat them. Seriously ill rabbits may require hospitalisation, intensive professional nursing, fluids and medications regularly administered to bring them back from the brink.

These days, with advances in veterinary medicine it is perfectly possible for us to provide this type of high level intensive care. It is often very demanding in terms of the skill and time and sometimes special equipment or medications are needed that don’t tend to be in common usage. Not surprisingly this can be more costly than treating a less serious routine illness. If you have your rabbit insured it means that the survival of your pet need be your only concern and having a policy that offers generous levels of veterinary fee cover is really worth thinking about.

We are lucky to also be able to call on the services of vets who specialise in rabbits and other small pets. Not all of those are local but some insurance cover extends to include travel and accommodation costs to visit one of these specialists with your pet.

Happy to help

Whether you own a specific breed like a Lionhead rabbit, a baby rabbit or a house rabbit, your bunny is likely to have individual needs. When you need advice that’s tailored to your situation you can always talk it through with a member of our practice team.

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