Social Media ‘House Rules’ Policy

Monument Vets has a set of simple ‘house rules’ for our Facebook page.
We want you to engage with us on social media, but we reserve the right to remove posts when our house rules are not observed. We may also block users without explanation if the following guidelines are breached.

Please do not use our Facebook page to:
  • Post offensive content. We will treat a post as offensive and delete it if it contains swearing, personal attacks or threats, or if it is libellous or discriminatory.
  • Advertise products/services or share personal information.
  • Post the same message, or a similar message, repeatedly.
Responding to your messages:
If you contact us on Facebook, we aim to reply to your message as soon as we can but our page is not monitored 24-7. If you have an emergency please call CVETS, our out-of-hours service, on 01872 560952.

If you have specific questions regarding your pet’s health then it is best to speak to us in person. Please don’t hesitate to call your usual surgery on Redruth 01209 214737 or Camborne on 01209 718281, or just pop in.