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Why is our Pet Health Club so good?

Why is our Pet Health Club so good?

We are a nation of animal lovers and as pet owners we want to keep our pets healthy and happy for as long as we can. Because there is no NHS for pets, bills can soon add up, which is why we think our Pet Health Club is a brilliant choice. In this blog we will take a look at the benefits, and why we truly believe you can give your pet the very best in preventative healthcare, without breaking the bank.

I have pet insurance isn’t that the same thing?

No, pet insurance will cover your pet for most emergencies, unforeseen injuries such as fractures – because of this we always recommend pet insurance. The pet health club is different because it covers the day-to-day preventative bits and complements your pet health insurance.

Membership will mean you look after the conditions your pet can get, which can be prevented – that is why it is called preventative healthcare. Prevention is definitely better than cure, and as we aim to prevent problems before they occur, as it can save you financially, and your pet going through a lot of treatment.

A common example of this is preventing fleas. If you regularly use flea prevention products, then your pet is highly unlikely to get any flea related problems. The cost of a flea control product, to prevent any of these little critters causing a problem, is much cheaper than treating a secondary skin infection. Such infections can be caused by flea bites and the pet scratching and usually need longer courses of antibiotics, plus possible other medication especially in the case of fur loss.

Other issues include controlling worms in your pet – many of which are potentially harmful to human health, as they can easily spread to humans, especially children, from your pets. Regular treatment with an effective wormer will protect ont only your pet, but also you and your family – and if you’re a member of the Pet Health Club, it protects your bank balance as well.

So what benefits are there with membership?

The preventative things are all looked after, which means your pet will receive all the care and attention that they need. Because the plans are paid for monthly, it really helps you to budget and will not put a strain on your finances.

An adult pet’s routine health care covers a 6 month health check with a vet, their vaccinations, and parasite control. Having an extra benefit is always an added bonus, which is why members will also receive 20% off of selected goods and other services at the practice, and some free services with a veterinary nurse.

What about puppies and kittens?

The great thing about the plans is the flexibility. We know you want to give your new arrival the best start in life, which is why we have two plans, tailored for your pets to suit your budget.

The standard plan for puppies covers:

  •   Vaccination course – giving them all the protection they need against potentially life-threatening diseases.
  •   Full health check at time of vaccination.
  •   Worming treatment.
  •   Flea treatment.
  •   Monthly checkup with one of our qualified nurses, for 3 months.
  •   Five weeks free pet insurance.
  •   A puppy party and a puppy goodie bag.

If your puppy does not have an ID chip – then we will provide one free of charge under the terms of the puppy plans.

Kittens have the same flexibility, with the standard plan offering:

  •   Vaccination course for protection against horrible feline diseases.
  •   Full health check at the time of vaccination.
  •   Microchip.
  •   Worm treatment.
  •   Flea treatment.
  •   A monthly check with one of our registered nurses, for 3 months.
  •   Five free weeks pet insurance.
  •   A kitten goodie bag.

The Monumental Plan

The Monumental Plan covers all of the above, but with five months’ worth of flea and worm treatments for both puppies and kittens. The puppies also receive kennel cough vaccination!

For the full terms of the plans please see this page.

So how do I sign up?

To sign up to the Pet Health Club, or to find out more information about the club, simply call us on (01209) 214737 at Redruth or (01209) 718281 at Camborne and our team will take all of your details and do the rest.

So you can see, joining the plan and helping to keep your pets in good health really does have excellent benefits, including saving you money. So why not give us a call today and start enjoying those benefits?

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