They’re not ‘just receptionists’

How often do you visit us to see one of our vets? You may notice a warm, friendly smiling face greeting you and your furry best friend behind the counter – our Reception team are there every day to welcome you to our practice, but what else do they do?

First of all it’s important to remember that they are never ‘just a receptionist’; They are an integral part of the Monument Vets’ family and if we were without them, our practice just wouldn’t run! Yes they are there to answer the phone, book your pet in and help deal with enquiries but they also ‘spin lots of plates’ within the practice:

Welcoming you and your pets

They are often the first friendly face you see when you come to your pet’s appointment or procedure; they’ll let the vet or vet nurse know that you’ve arrived; check all of your details and then make sure you and your pet are comfortable while waiting for your appointment.

Keeping us organised.

There’s a lot of important paperwork in a veterinary practice, as you can imagine; if it wasn’t for our expert team of receptionists and administrators keeping your pet’s records in order, updating your details and generally keeping us vets organised, it would be chaos! (let’s face it, we can diagnose some of the most complex medical cases but ask us to change your address on our computer system, and we’ll give you a blank stare!) They are the first person you speak to on the phone when your book an appointment and sometimes ask lots of questions, this is so that they can take the full details of your pet’s problems to pass on to the vet prior to their appointment. As well a huge variety of admin jobs, which include helping you sign up to our Pet Health Club and processing your insurance claims, they also arrange and send your booster reminders so that your pet’s preventative healthcare is kept up to date.

The ‘Peacekeeper’

As you know the reception area can sometimes be a bustle of activity. Often with new patients arriving whilst some are leaving, clients picking up medication, the phone ringing and in the middle of this whirlwind is a Receptionist who has noticed an inquisitive Collie who is bravely nose to nose with a feisty Bengal in her carrier. In a flash, our super receptionist sends the Bengal to our cat waiting area and saves the Collie’s nose!

‘A shoulder to cry on’

One of the toughest but most important parts of their role is being there for you during the difficult times. Whether the difficult decision has been carefully thought through over a few months or you have received some upsetting news that day, our receptionists know that there is never an easy time to say goodbye to your friend. They will support and guide you and your family during this process, along with our vets and vet nurses, as well as providing a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on should you need it. Being pet owners themselves, they understand and have experienced the heartache of losing a pet.

‘A voice of calm in an Emergency’

‘Good Afternoon Monument Vets, how can I help?’ is the sound of our reassuring receptionists when you call us needing emergency help. They are trained to answer these calls and often do daily; there probably isn’t a situation that our team haven’t had to deal with. They will listen intently and take down all of the details, then consider the most appropriate action with a vet or vet nurse. They will give you the advice as directed by the vet or vet nurse, help you to keep calm and do the very best for you pet at that time. They’ll also be the familiar face you see if you need to bring your pet straight to the surgery.

Expert Treat Giver & Kitten Cuddler!

Probably one of the favourite parts of their role…they always make sure your pet gets greeted with a tickle, rub or treat and they always know which greeting each pet prefers. Our receptionists (and vet nurses) are always on hand should you get tired of carrying the new kittens or need help rounding up your pack of dogs or even keeping six Springer Spaniel puppies in order whilst you sign some paperwork! They are of course, expert cuddlers when your pet has had an operation, sometimes they just need to sit on lap and have cuddles while they recuperate (under the watchful eye of our vet nurses!).

Basically, if we were allowed capes for uniforms – our fantastic reception team would wear them.

They put on so many different invisible hats that sometimes, they can be taken for granted; so thank you lovely receptionists, for being the calm and order in the middle of our veterinary practices!

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